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Save time, money and gain peace of mind by outsourcing all your property management requirements to Sunstone Brokers team.



Our approach is to manage your property as if you had time to do it yourself.  Our experienced professionals provide quality services for both residential and commercial portfolios.

We offer a full range of property management packages tailored for property owners, investors, renters and condominium associations.  We work on behalf of clients throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in South America, Europe and beyond.

Our Property Management Services include the following:

  • Managing residential and commercial properties

  • Invoicing, collecting and depositing rents

  • Paying expenses including utilities, condominium fees, mortgages, taxes etc.

  • Preparing and distributing detailed management reports

  • Arranging for insurance coverage

  • Responding to tenant correspondence, inquiries and complaints

  • Coordinating with maintenance personnel and tracking status of tenant repairs

  • Supervising maintenance personnel

  • Obtaining and evaluating bids for major repairs and improvements

  • Providing preventive maintenance and repair programs

  • Showing and leasing of available properties

  • Coordinating move-in/move out of rental units including inventory and inspection



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